DP Clinical Serves on ASIA’s Autonomic Standards Committee and Membership Committee

James Hamer from DP Clinical is a member of the American Spinal Injury Association’s (ASIA) Autonomic Standards Committee. This Committee is responsible for overseeing the development of new standards documents related to spinal cord injury as well as continuous review and improvement of the existing ASIA documents on neurological and autonomic standards. The Committee is also responsible for the development of the online training program for ASIA standards and for the development and oversight of the International Data Sets project.

Michele Towle from DP Clinical has been a member of the ASIA Membership Committee since 2013. This Committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining individuals in the SCI community who have made a difference in the delivery of care for persons with SCI. The ASIA Membership Committee has expanded its role to cultivate relationships and communication in the allied health and scientific community in an effort to harness the concept of “bench to bedside” management of SCI. Also, in an effort to bring new members up to speed, a “mentorship for new members program” was initiated to facilitate early engagement in the learning and leadership opportunities ASIA has to offer. This committee serves both the best practitioners of today and those that will define the best evidenced-based practices of tomorrow.